The Ultimate Chef

March 18, 2019

Binge watching shows on Netflix and chilling with my husband is one of my favorite things to do. We’ve recently been struggling to find shows that we both like. So when my husband suggested watching The Final Table, I reluctantly agreed. He promised me that I would enjoy it because he watched one episode with our daughter and they loved it. The show was about the best chefs all over…

The Last Passover- Part 2

December 5, 2018

Holy Communion- Healing

We have established what the blood represented at the first Passover. It was the Israelites covering from the angel of death. The blood over their door was a sign that they were marked, set aside. This was a picture of the coming blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Now as believers in Jesus we received the covering of His blood, and we are now marked. Judgment and death is not allowed…

The Last Passover- Part 1

November 21, 2018

The Blood of Christ- The Last Passover

The Last Passover is usually remembered by the name The Last Supper in the Bible. The Last Supper was the meal that Jesus shared with his disciples the day before he was crucified. The last meal that Jesus shared with his disciples happened to be the Passover meal. During this meal, Jesus broke the bread into pieces and told them to eat the bread, in order to remember His body.…

4 ways drinking coffee can make you a better Christian

So you already drink coffee and you love Jesus? Sweet!  Now you can use coffee as a tool to make yourself a better Christian. Coffee already has its obvious advantages to humans like helping humans be nice. Who can love someone without a morning cup of joe? And how hard is it to love someone when you are tired? There are actually more advantages to being a Christian coffee drinker…


October 9, 2018

Testimony- Testify- The coffee church

I recently spoke at a church, and I was speaking on the story of Moses and vision. I briefly mentioned part of my testimony. I gave the “PG” version for time sake because to be honest my testimony is rated “R” for the church and its message in itself. I have always been brutally honest when it comes to my testimony. I used to hate sharing it because it’s not…

You will look back and laugh!

September 18, 2018


We have been in Cincinnati for almost four years. When we moved to Cincinnati my son was only three months old. Judah doesn’t know anything different than Ohio. I remember coming to Ohio with high hopes. Hope that this would be a nice city to raise my family. Hope that there were more job opportunities for Bryce. Hope that God had plans for our ministry here. I had the same…